September Meeting Minutes

Call to order

A meeting of the Bay Area Amateur Radio Club was held on September 8, 2022. Board members in attendance: Vice President Loren Curtis (Kf8f), Treasure Dusty Trisch (k1dlt), and secretary Bill Baylis (ke8nkn). The meeting was called to order at 6:02 pm. 


Secretary’s report: notes from the August meeting were read. 

Treasurer’s report: Gave current checking account, petty cash, cash, donation, and grand total. There was an additional fee for 501 (3) CPA to complete the paperwork.

Old Business

There was additional discussion on three topics of old business. The first concerned creating a Master list of the club’s assets. It was agreed that we should only catalog club equipment; account numbers and passwords should be kept separately. There was a comment that a listing may already exist. The club secretary will be contacting Ray (ke8eaj) for additional information on this subject. 

The second topic of discussion concerned an update on clubs 501 (c) 3 paperwork. The Vice President stated we had received a letter from the IRS requesting additional information on our status change. These questions centered on the club’s activities past, present and future. Loren stated a reply to these inquiries has been sent in. He spoke about the importance of future donations and working with the community. Once our status request is approved we can begin to look for companies interested in donating money. The Vice President mentioned the Amazon Company as one possible organization. It was also stated that the ARRL Foundation gives out donations to clubs, including monies to clubs having 51% of their membership affiliated with ARRL.

Third topic of concern was the sale of the club’s Dell server to Cameron (n9kop). At this time there has been no response from Cameron about purchasing the server. There were no further discussions on this matter.

There were no additional comments made on Old Business. A motion was made to accept August meeting notes into record. Motion was seconded, and passed. 

New Business

Vice President: Stated if anyone was interested in becoming a SATERN member they will need to go to, click on EDS box to begin your application process. You will need to create a profile first. You will then need to take three on-line classes, and complete a background check.  SATERN holds weekly nets Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday’s from 11:30am – 12:30pm. The net can be heard on 20M at 14.375 and 14.330 on Saturdays. Current net discussions are on Hurricane watches and starvation.

There was discussion about the club’s current website and the need to bring it up to date. Loren asked for a volunteer to take over this responsibility. The club secretary stated he would take the task and contact the current Webmaster Nevin (ke8qla) for further direction.

A proposal by the Vice President was made to hold our next monthly meeting at The Bay City State Park. The meeting would be held from 4pm – 7pm. Loren suggested we have a cookout and activate P.O.T.A.  Additional information for this get together will be posted on Discord.

2022 Simulated Emergency Test (S.E.T.) is scheduled to take place on October 7th for our area. This is a great time to practice your emergency readiness. The Vice President stated he would pass along additional information about this exercise as it becomes available.


The Saginaw Valley Amateur Radio Club is holding an auction at the Harry Brown airport on September 17th. The auction will begin at noon. For further details see S.V.A.R.C. website. 

The Wednesday night Beer Net has been canceled.

We have a new club Member named Fredrick (w4ah), and he’s been active on C.W. for many years. Please take an opportunity to welcome him.   


A motion was made to adjourn, motion was seconded, meeting ended at 7:08 pm. There were 9 members in attendance.