February 2024 Meeting Minutes

Call to order

A meeting of the Bay Area Amateur Radio Club was held on Feb 2nd, at the Salvation Army building, Bay City, MI. Board members in attendance: president Steve Covieo (ke8nko), vice president Loren Curtis (kf8f), and secretary Bill Baylis (ke8nkn). The meeting was called to order at 7pm.


Treasurer’s report: Bank statement was read.

Secretary’s report: notes from January’s meeting were read into record. A motion was made to accept these notes. The motion was seconded, and passed.

Old Business


New Business

Field Day discussion:

Vice president talked about summer field day. He stated we needed someone to work the 10 meter and digital bands. Club secretary said he would work the 10 meter band. Dusty (k1dlt) will be working digital.

Current List of operators and bands; Rob (kc8sdl) 40m, Gary (wb8icu) CW (40, 20, & 80), Bill 10m, Dusty digital, George (ke8tsl) 80m, Steve (ke8tsj) 20m, and Loren 15m. Paul (kec8elq) will be technical support.

It was suggested a schedule be made and posted at each workstation. These schedules will let the public know who is running the station and for how long. This will also let members know when an operator may need someone to take over their station.

Steve (ke8nko) will be bringing his drone for aerial pictures. Steve (ke8tsj) will also be documenting this event with his camera. They will compile these photos into a document to share with the club.

Club member Paul has asked all F.D. participants to bring their laptop into the May club meeting. He will be updating each computer with the latest logging software.

The president suggested the club use June’s meeting to do a dry run of F.D. setup at the park. Club Member Dean (kc8bgk) stated copies of the rules needed to be covered. He also said the club needs a

plan for earning as many Bonus points as possible. Secretary stated he would update the website with current rules and station operators.

President suggested the last 15 minutes of the monthly meeting be dedicated to learning. This could be informational videos, Swap Meet, or “Show & Tell”. Members are encouraged to bring their equipment, or projects to share with the club. Any member who is interested in giving a presentation is asked to let a board member know.

Club member Rob said he would give a 15 minute presentation about his Kenwood at the March meeting. Club member Paul said he would give a 30 minute presentation on WinLink Express at April’s meeting.

President said his uncle had an oscilloscope he wanted to get rid of. Members said that it would be a good addition to the club’s equipment. Steve said he would contact his uncle and get the scope.

Repeater council member Ben (ke8mwn) gave an update on the recent issue with the 147.360 repeater. The cause was due to a better than normal propagation level, allowing another club with the same frequency to be heard on BAARC repeater . He stated there was nothing wrong with the repeater itself. He also gave an update on the Wires-X installation. This installation is currently on hold until the county finishes work on the building elevator.




Club Member Gary has a S9 Signal generator for sale ($10.)


A motion to end the meeting was made by member Rob, and seconded by member Dean, motion carried. The meeting ended at 8:45pm. There were 15 members in attendance and one guest.