November Meeting Minutes

Call to order

A meeting of Bay Area Amateur Radio Club was held on November 10th, 2022, at the Salvation Army building, Bay City, MI. Board members in attendance: president Steve Covieo (ke8nko), vice president Loren Curtis (kf8f), treasurer Dusty Trisch (k1dlt), and secretary Bill Baylis (ke8nkn). The meeting was called to order 6:10 pm. 


Treasurer’s report: The president made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report into record, club member George (ke8tsl) seconded the motion, and motion was passed.

Secretary’s report: notes from October’s meeting were read. 

Old Business

President asked if there were any additional comments concerning “old” business. Club member Clayton (kefcb) inquired if there had been any progress in catching the person disrupting Wednesday evening Net. President stated since the Net had been canceled there had been no need to pursue the matter further.

With no additional comments made on “old” business the president made a motion to accept October’s notes into record, treasure seconded the motion, motion was passed.

New Business

President informed members that this year’s Christmas dinner would be held at Castaways’ restaurant. This event will be held on Wednesday December 7th@ 6pm, cost will be $15.00 per person for the pizza buffet.

President opened the floor for nominations to fill 2023 board positions but there was no interest. With board members approval, the president stated the board would be willing to remain in their current positions. A motion was made by George (ke8tsl) to accept the correct board for 2023 positions, that motion was seconded by Rob (kc8sdl), and motion was passed. President stated that there would be one position unfilled, and the 3-year Trustee position would need to be filled at a later date.

President informed members he had received another request from the IRS regarding our petition for a status change to a 501 (c) 3. The IRS is asking for 3 months of paperwork regarding club activities and member attendance. President said he and the secretary would gather proper documents to reply to their request.

President opened the floor for members’ concerns or comments. 

Rob stated the District 3 meeting on Sunday was unable to use the 31 repeater due to poor reception. Club member Joe (ka8fhw) believes the recent high winds were a contributing factor. Rob wondered if the Caro repeater signal might help. He stated he would speak to Caro club member Roger to get his opinion. 

There was a brief discussion concerning next year’s ARRL Field Day location. Club member Gary (wb8icu) stated in the past the club had always started planning at the first of the year. President said the club would begin planning much earlier for 2023. He reiterated the importance of club participation.

Club member Clayton wondered if it would be possible to teach school children about Ham Radio. Dusty (k1dlt) stated due to school restriction this would not be possible. 


Starting January 2023 the club will begin to give monthly presentations following at the end normal meeting business. These presentations can be on any Ham Radio related topic. This is a great opportunity to learn and share your radio interest. If you’re interested please contact a board member. In January Dusty will be presenting his HF digital setup, with demonstration. In February Rob will be bringing in some of his classic radios and talking about their history.


The president made a motion to adjourn, motion was seconded by Rob, and motion passed, meeting ended at 6:48 pm. There were 9 members in attendance and 1 guest.

William C. Baylis
SecretaryDate of approval