May 2023 Meeting Minutes

Call to order

A meeting of Bay Area Amateur Radio Club was held on May 11th, 2023, at the Salvation Army building, Bay City, MI. Board members in attendance: president Steve Covieo (ke8nko), vice president Loren Curtis (kf8f), Dusty Trisch (k1dlt), and secretary Bill Baylis (ke8nkn). The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm.


Treasurer’s report:

Secretary’s report: notes from the April meeting were read into record. A motion was made to accept these notes. The motion was seconded, and passed.

Old Business

There was no old business.

New Business

President stated due to the clubs current finances dues may need to be increased for next year. President said they are still looking for additional help for June Field Day.

The Vice President reminded members interested in being part of Skywarn to complete the on-line course first then contact him.

President asked members interested in giving a presentation to contact him so they can be put on the schedule.

Dusty stated he would be setting up a booth for the club at the Bay City County fair on August 8th – 12th. Anyone interested in helping Dusty should contact him.

President stated there was still a need for volunteers for the Tuesday Night Net.


Dusty gave a presentation on setting up a digital station.
Rob (kc8sdl) gave a presentation on a Heath kit single band radio built in 1963. Loren will be giving a presentation on Skywarn at the next club meeting.


Dusty will be activating a P.O.T.A. station at the Bay City State Park pavilion 5, on May 19th, starting at 4pm.

Guest Clayton (ke8cb) stated he was interested in starting a club in the Tri-City area to address IRF issues. The clubs sole purpose would be locating IRF issues and reporting them to the local power companies for resolution. It was recommended that he develop an outline for this club and the procedure needed to report found issues and then report back to the B.A.A.R.C.


Motion was made to end the meeting; it was second and motion passed. Meeting ended at 8:25pm. There were 11 members and 2 guests in attendance.


William C. Baylis