June 2023 Meeting Minutes

Call to order

A meeting of Bay Area Amateur Radio Club was held on June 8th, 2023, at the Salvation Army building, Bay City, MI. Board members in attendance: president Steve Covieo (ke8nko), vice president Loren Curtis (kf8f), Dusty Trisch (k1dlt). The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm. 


Treasurer’s report:

Secretary’s report: motion was made to accept May’s meeting notes, motion passed.

Old Business

There was no old business.

New Business

President spoke about the setup for Field day. 

There’ll be three generators for use, extra fuel will be needed. 

No decision was made about the club providing food.

GOTO station will be Steve, Rob 40, Bill 20, Digital Dusty, CW Garry & Jeff, and George to cover other bands.

President spoke about adding a Fusion Machine to the 147.360. A vote was taken to purchase a HBI 200 kit. Motion carried.

The President stated The Salvation Army was putting on an event called Kettle Cruise on June 10th from 10am – 2pm. It will be located at Smith Park, volunteers are needed.


Loren gave a presentation on Skywarn.




Motion was made to end the meeting; it was second and motion passed. Meeting ended at 8:14pm. There were 12 members and 2 guests in attendance.

William C. Baylis
SecretaryDate of approval